Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping List.

I have decided to spend all of Sunday cruising through as many thrift stores in town as I can.  One of these days I'll convince my best friend to go with me to check out the thrift stores in San Francisco. I live so close, and yet it feels so far away...
 Honestly, there aren't many in my area but I want to check out the few that are. 
These are the main things I will be looking for:

1. maxi skirts
2. denim shirt
3. high-waisted shorts
4. cardigans/sweaters
5. blazers
6. purses
7. jewelry (rings/necklaces/bracelets)

Wish me luck tomorrow! You can be sure that I'll post my finds here as soon as I get home! ^^

I'd LOVE to shop in a place like this!