Tuesday, September 11, 2012

L'oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara Review

I was actually working on another, much larger post, when I realized: well, why not just make a post specifically for this mascara? So here it is! 
This is a mascara I've been dying to try out for quite some time now. I have heard great things about it in the blog & vlog universe (mainly Marlena), but I just never seemed to catch my eye at the store, until last month. 

I don't have the longest lashes, but I am content with their length. What I usually look for is a mascara that can hold a curl, and volume, volume, VOLUME!
Unfortunately, this mascara doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrible, and I do like it, but I've seen better. 

The brush is very much a traditional style brush. As you can see, the product tends to gather in parts of the brush, and the top of the brush is usually  covered in product. The product has a tendency to gather at the top of the container as well, which can be a bit annoying. 

The formula is a lot more watery than what I'm used to and I find that it takes a while to dry, which often causes it to smear. You also have to be really careful because it can look a bit clumpy if you apply too much. I also find it to run down a bit throughout the day as well. 
Again, it's not a horrible mascara. Will I keep using it? Yes. Will I repurchase it? Probably not.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Here are some pictures for you to make your own judgement. 

The best volumizing mascara I have found to date is the L'oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara. While that one is a bit watery as well, and honestly has the same problems this one does, the Collegen mascara tends to yield better results. 

Have any of you guys tried this mascara? Has it worked for you? If not, maybe leave me some suggestions for an amazing volumizing mascara? 

I hope you guys are having an amazing day! :)

I don't like this mascara. I have found that this runs on me. By the end of the day I am left with horrible raccoon eyes. I am so heartbroken. I really like the effect this has on my lashes, but it just takes too much effort to apply and then ends up smearing on me within the first couple of hours. Not impressed & I will definitely not be repurchasing it.