Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My New Favorite Concealer.

     I have been on the hunt for a perfect concealer for the last few months and I have finally come across one that comes close to perfection...at least for me anyway. I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since my Freshman year of high school and honestly, being 19 years old now, I thought that my skin would have balanced out by now but unfortunately, it hasn't.
     For the last few months my skin has gotten worse and breakouts and blemishes have been appearing on my cheeks and around my chin as opposed to before when they only appeared on my forehead. I much prefer the ones on the forehead to be honest since they can be covered with bangs as opposed to the ones I have now.
    I like to do my research when I buy a product, but I don't think I've ever done this much research for a makeup product before but in the end it was worth it. Although the concealer I had originally opted to get was the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer ($25, Available at Sephora) after a bit more research I decided to get the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer ($6, Available at Walmart) instead.

                     Pros:                              Cons:
                          ~long lasting                             ~costs more
                          ~wide array of colors               ~slightly lighter coverage
                          ~no creasing                            

The Concealer Pencil is also perfect when you want to wear dramatic red lips.      
                         Pros:                                   Cons:
                          ~long lasting                             ~only available in three colors
                          ~good coverage                       ~dries quickly
                          ~affordable price                      ~slight creasing if not set properly
                          ~more product

***Note: I've found that it works best if you put the concealer on first and then blend it out with your foundation.***
     I like to try out certain products before I decide to buy them (if possible) and see how they work on my skin first, which is what I did with the Kat Von D concealer, and while I liked it, I did not immediately fall in love with it. Compared to the Hard Candy concealer, it is considerably thinner and needs a bit more product to get the desired coverage I want whereas you only need the absolute smallest amount of the Hard Candy concealer to get the desired coverage. I'd say their lasting power is about the same, which is something a bit shocking considering the price difference. The Kat Von D concealer does come in a wider array of colors as opposed to the Hard Candy one that only comes in three. If you have milder imperfections or you don't need a lot of coverage and are willing to spend the $25 I think the Kat Von D is a good choice but if you need a heavier coverage or have dark circles I suggest you try out the Hard Candy concealer first.